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Red represents the blood shed by our ancestors to gain freedom and independent for the.

Gold represents the mineral wealth of the country, such as Gold, Oil, Timber, Cocoa

Green symbolizes the country’s rich forests and natural wealth, such as Kakum and Mole national Forest.

Black Star Symbolizes African unity and emancipation


Relax and don’t stress yourself, you are in one of the friendliest country in the World, Ghana. We are here to make your visit in Ghana Safe, Peaceful, Fun and Memorable one, so that you can share your experience with others, For this reason we would like to remind you to accept and respect our cultural differences  given below as one unique people.

Our visitors are advised to

Our visitors are advised Not to

* Treat any of our drivers or tour guide with respect as they would expect given back to them.

*Respect our cultural beliefs even if one is not religious.

*Ask the guide/ the driver if there are some things you would like to know or see as well as sharing any problem.

*Keep your money, bank cards, passport and any other important documents in safe places to avoid losing it.

*Understand any inconvenience cause by both   nature and manmade, such as Weather condition and Power outage since we can’t predict it.

*Protect themselves when having   any sexual affair with new love found, until you get to know each other better.

*Barging with locals when buying anything from the street, but in Molls and shops, prices of items are fixed and no matter how good you are on barging, the prices will not be reduced.

*Feel free to give tips to any of our guides or drivers if you want, but it not compulsory.

*Buy or use illegal drugs, it illegal in Ghana

*Drink too much or hard alcohol during holidays which can cause some health issues now or later.

* Smoke in open places where there is any gathering, even though smoking is allowed in Ghana.

 * Litter the surroundings, even though you can easily found rubbish around some places you visit.

* Take pictures from the locals or anyone without asking for their permissions, you will be surprised to see most  Ghanaian will be smiling when ask to take picture with or from them.

* Stay too late outside in the bigger cities such as Accra and Kumasi , even though Ghana is safe country but could be dangerous too especially when you are alone.


Culture, simply means a way of living which includes the way one’s tribe Dress, sing, Dance or even the kind of food they eat.

Ghanaians are well known as friendly and nice people who have value for hospitality and also have big respect for their cultural beliefs which was practiced by their forefathers and passed these customs down till today. This is why traditional rulers and todays traditional in Ghana is very popular and practiced   everywhere, whiles respected by even the government and it representatives who support and exercise tradition authority, In every region in Ghana, you will see that Government has built house for chiefs which helps to advise the government when it comes to decision making.

We are glad to share with you some of our beautiful   and interesting Ghana cultural beliefs and Taboos which you may not know, so that you don’t be offended by the public or yourself, so below are some gathered information for you.

Ghanaians mostly believes that:

*When someone dies the spirit of the person still lives in spiritual world but can be also consult by their family whenever there is any support needed from them such as luck for business, child, money, healing and many more.

*In some part of Ghana, a lady is considered unclean when she gives birth before performing marriage rites or gets married.

*Men are always to be the head of the family and also have the final say in decision making.

* It taboo for fishermen to go to Sea on Tuesday, believing that god’s of the sea also fish for themselves, whiles the fishermen also use same day to rest and repair their boats/Canoes and nets.

* Farmers are not allowed to go to the farm mostly on Wednesdays but it also depends on certain tribe one is from. Which is also believe that the gods use that day for themselves.

*It is taboo to greet, give, shake hands or collect something with left hand, Ghanaians believes that the left hand is only to be use for toilet purpose.

*Marriage between two siblings is a taboo. Among certain ethnic groups marriage between two people of the same family is also considered as a taboo.

*Practicing Homosexuality is strictly not allowed by tradition and law in Ghana.

Naming in Ghana


Outdooring in Ghana is where by a new born child is brought outside after staying indoors for 1 week (7days) and get introduced to the world and nature such as: Sunshine, Moon, stars, wind for the first time whiles the parent of the child happily invites family and friends to join them to give thanks to Almighty God, ancestors and the gods for protecting and blessing them with a child.

The Akans patiently wait 7 days after the birth of a child in order to ensure that he or she has come to stay with that
particular family or just passing by to say hello from the spiritual world.  Until this celebration is being performed Ghanaianswill regard the parent as ungrateful for the child given.


This is very important significance activity which is done differently by all the tribes in Ghana same day or later after outdooring. In Ghanaian customs we believe that a child must be given a second  name besides the automatic name acquired by the day a child is born, some family also name their child by the circumstance of the birth, example, when ones father dies before he/she is born the child is name “Antobam” in Akan meaning unlucky child.

Naming is normally done by a Pastor in Church or traditionalist at home  depending on the religious background of the child’s parent. All attendant and the parent will be seen wearing traditional white clothes to show victory.  During child’s naming process the child is given 3 times salty water(Alcohol) and 3 times sugar water(Soft drink), to signifies that life could be sweeter or bitter during his journey here on Earth. Attendant of the ceremony normally do presentation of gifts to the child and parents after the given name is announced to the public which usually follow up with the enjoyment of plenty of food, drink, music and traditional dancing.

Check our table below and choose your beautiful Ghanaians name by the day you were born. The names are grouped into two main local common  languages spoken mostly in Ghana (Twi and Fanti).









Death is believed to be a transition period or a wall between the physical and spiritual world, therefore when someone dies, some cultural believes that the person have travel to the land of the spirit back to their ancestors in Mother Earth, “Assase Yaa’’ some also believes that the person has gone back to God in Heaven, it is a very hard time for the family to accept the pain that come after losing a loved one, it is strongly believed that  until some one is accepted or join the spiritual world to their God in Heaven or Ancestors proper  custom rite and well planned FUNERAL rites must be done before the death will be given the chance to sent to their finally resting place the cemetery.

Funeral Rite

This is the time after children, or opinion leader of a particular family have agreed on specific date to do the burial service for the death person, it is a social events where by friends and the people in the community come together to mourn and grief to express their condolences  especially to the entire family which normally go’s with donations in cash and kind. During funeral by AKANS for example, when a man dies, his wife and children are to buy his Coffin  only if the man legally married the woman where he paid for her Bride price and provided what the woman’s cultural rite demands. If not the woman is considered not to be a wife of the dead man but just a friend or her children’s father, this is different in every tribe in Ghana.  Ghanaians mostly wear Black and Red traditional clothes to signify that they are in pain and danger during funeral ceremonies.


Ghanaian Festivals

This is an annual celebration which is perform by various tribes throughout the year at a particular period of time, this is the time tribes portray their individual uniqueness in cultural and natural heritage. During this period of time a colourful and vibrant durbars are held in various parts of the country to celebrate. Festivals are believe mainly to be the time to show appreciation to Almighty God, Ancestors and gods for their protection throughout the year.

Festivals are also held in order to purify the various community from sickness, bad luck, curse so that people can enter the New Year with new hope and confidence.

Ghanaian Festivals are celebrated and is seen to be important base on the following:

*Historically, it is through festivals most people get to know their roots and understand their cultural.

* Socially, It serves as time to meet your relatives and friends who live abroad to reunion to have fun and also settled disputes among the family and friends.

*Morally,  it encourages individuals to play their roles well as a good citizen for the development  and the betterment of their country and communities.  Young people are advised by the older one to practice acceptable behaviours to grow up to become responsible and good leaders in their generation.

* Religiously: It help people to understand the existence of the Almighty God, lesser gods and the ancestors and ask for forgiven of sins from them.

*Culturally:  it help to identifies ones cultural heritage uniqueness which can be seen through drumming,  dancing and  singing  during  the festival , other can be identity through the way of their talking.

* Economically: individuals, the attendants and community members during festival contribute for the development works in the certain communities.

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