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"The world is a book, those who do not travel read only one page" - Saint Augustine

AUTHENTIC GHANA TOURS is a registered Ghana based social enterprise providing ethical toursim for Individuals, families, Religious organisations, Schools, Companies e.t.c. Our aim is to make travel/adventure in Ghana Safe, Easy, Fun, remarkable as well as making positive impact in the lives of the people, communities, environment we visit..


*We are a reliable and friendly company who value hospitality irrespective of your ethnic background.
*We are very committed when it comes to also treating people with equal respect and love.


*Our expert and experienced team are always at your disposal to respond to our visitors whenever and where ever our service are needed.
*We put the safety of our guest/visitor(s) as our top priority.
*We work with professional and experienced people who are dedicated and passionate in providing their services to satisfy our visitors.
*Because of the love we have for humanity, 30% of our tour revenue is given away to charity. 
*We guarantee amazing/awesome people who will facilitate your needs such as TOUR SITES, RESTAURANTS and ACCOMMODATIONS, ranging from home-stay to hotels.
*We offer excursions ,events and other activities to make sure everyone get the best out of the experience.


* To create awareness on boundaries and boarders that are closed based on the mindset, to be open for free movement.
* To promote cultural exchange and education.
* To showcase our rich Ghanaian culture and natural heritage to the World.
* To Entertain tourist and promote tourism in Ghana.
* As a responsible tour agency we make charitable contributions to BE THE CHANGE FOUNDATION since we believe that it is important to give back to the communities we visit, to make life better and easier for all.

Our Founder

The founder of this Social Enterprise, John Kweku Eduafo popularly known as "California" is a Ghanaian humanitarian who has already taken steps by founding a charity organization called Okyena Nti foundation. John calls himself as "World Citizen" because he is a regular tourist (Traveller) who has travelled and visit many places in Europe including Germany, Netherlands, Poland etc. Because of his traveling experiences in Western Land, John and his team knows the value of respecting ones privacy, tourist security, cultural and religious differences and accept everybody as one but unique.

John Kweku Eduafo
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